Dajung Chest Surgery Clinuc
seen through numbers

  • Total years of treatment experiences
    19 years
  • No. of hyperhidrosis cases treated
    4.537 cases
  • No. of osmidrosis treated
    3.568 cases
  • No. of varicose vein treated
    7.057 cases

[ As of March 2021 ]

Special features of
Dajung Chest Surgery Clinic

by always putting in our utmost sincerity

Dajung Chest Surgery Clinic is not content with our increasingly accumulated experiences with passage of time. Rather, we always treat our patients with our initial state of mind when we began our practices.As such, we shall ceaselessly put our utmost efforts and continuously pursue researches for better treatment by remembering our initial state of mind.

We have proven ourselves through
our extensive experiencesand acknowledged
through publication
in international journal.

There is nothing more trustworthy than countless experiences. However, Dajung Chest Surgery Clinic is offering even greater trust to our patients by proving and having our capabilities acknowledged through publication in international journal rather than illustrating them only through numbers.

Share accumulated
through diversified academic activities

We strive to achieve medical advancements by sharing our experiences and know-how accumulated through prolonged period of time by participating in diversified academic activities and lectures.